This order form can be used for ordering off of our 2021 Product Lists.  Please note that you have 2 days from the time that Groth's calls to confirm your order to pick up your plants. You will not need to enter the storefront,  you can drive around back for curbside pickup following the signs that are in place. Orders will be pulled in the order that they are received. We cannot estimate when your order will be ready as they are subject to the availability of our crew, please be patient with us as we work the kinks out of this system.

Here is how our 2021 Online Ordering will work:

  • Online form can be used for products listed in the 2021 Products price lists and also for soil (bag style only) pickup
  • Once we CALL you to confirm your order and take your credit card information, you have 2 days to pick up your product via drive up


Also if you would like to order a vegetable that is available in a 3-pack please write out 3 pack when you type in the order

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Comments regarding  your order:

    REMINDER: Wait for a Groth's team member to call you for payment and confirmation.  Then you have 2 days to pick up your order!